The EZ Crunch Bowl will revolutionize your cereal eating experience.  It’s so simple – keep your cereal up on the shallow end, and your milk down in the deep end.


The EZ Crunch Bowl is the newest way to munch with more crunch and keep your cereal safe from flimsy flakes.  Keeping the muster in your clusters is no longer a race against time. Read the paper, surf the web, chat on the phone, without the fear of your cereal drowning in milk.

The EZ Crunch Bowl is not only the ultimate solution to a soggy breakfast – it’s also perfect for lunch, dinner and snacks too. Just keep your dry food in the shallow end and your wet food in the deep end.  Try the EZ Crunch Bowl with chowder. Put your crackers up above and your chowder down below.  Don’t let ice cream give your hot apple pie the big chill. It’s as simple as apple pie up high and the ice cream down low. Great for every food partnership – Granola and yogurt, chips and dip, half sandwich and soup.

This all-in-one bowl is made from a high-density break-resistant dishwasher safe material — so you get all the muscle without the tussle of cleaning it.  Start your day The EZ Crunch Bowl way. Coming soon to a kitchen near you.

The EZ Crunch Bowl is functional and fun. Imagine a swimming pool with a shallow end and a deep end. The EZ Crunch bowl has a similar split level design perfect for separating any food combination. Hot or cold. Wet or dry. Salty or sweet. You get all the benefits of two bowls but only have to clean one.


My Moment Of Clarity

After winning the 1994 ECAC Mens Soccer Championship, my soccer team at Vassar College had a huge party to celebrate the incredible victory. I returned home to my dorm at 230am feeling extremely happy and very hungry. As a cereal lover my entire life, I knew exactly what to do in this tricky situation. I grabbed the giant bowl, a box of Frosted Flakes, the carton of low-fat milk, a spoon and sprinted to the couch hoping to catch ESPN Sports Center. I dumped a generous portion of Flakes into the bowl and delicately poured the milk over the top to create the perfect harmony of cereal and milk.  I sunk myself deep into the couch, grabbed the remote, rested the bowl of cereal on my chest and proceeded to shovel it into my mouth at a pace any competitive eater would be jealous of.  It took years of practice during my youth, but I had established a successful system for devouring my cereal.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep right in the middle of this blissful moment.  When I woke up I immediately returned to my bowl of cereal like any experienced cereal consumer would do. My cereal was a mushy mess of flimsy flakes. I HATE soggy cereal! I was shocked, confused, frustrated and furious. How could I recover from this unfortunate scenario?  A fuzzy dim light went off in my head and the EZ Crunch Bowl was born.